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“I recently had the pleasure of finding this backing tracks online service.  I had to have several tracks tailor made and the service was personal and very dedicated.  I had my tracks back to me for approval within only very few hours. 

Recently I had an emergency very late the night before a funeral service I was singing at, I needed a track to be tailor made urgently.  We were able to discuss this over the phone, nothing was too much trouble and all they wanted to do was help and make sure I had exactly what I needed.  At every moment I was able to request changes, edits, tweeking and adjusting to what my requirements were.  The track produced was excellent and in time.

I highly recommend their reliable and very helpful service.  Thank you again for your customer service to me !!

R. O’N“

Cleaford Services Ltd hold the copyright on the CDs we produce, both the music and the Powerpoints.  We hold the appropriate licenses from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd.

This means that the items you purchase may only be used within the church or other organisation to whom we have supplied.  You may not copy them for use elsewhere, and you may not pass them, or copies, on to others.

We are happy for you to use our CDs if your choir is performing outside the church, but you should not give our CDs to your local school, for example, for them to use in the future; they should order their own copy from us.

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